Trains and PCBs? Why not?

Introducing MetroM, the Lifeclocc line of PCB Metro Maps. It is literally what it looks like. It also lights up if you want. Do you think it's cool? If so great! If not, I have nothing.

San Francisco Bay Area PCB
Singapore 2027 PCB
Singapore 2030 PCB
Tokyo JR PCB


What's in it for me?

Great display piece

This will look great on your desk or wall, or buried under a pile of clutter.

Battery Powered (for a while)

This is meant to be powered constantly, but it does have support for 4x AAA batteries for those times when you really want to bring it around and show it off to friends. It only lasts about a day on batteries though.

Lines light up

This honestly achieves nothing other than making it look neat. The lights do not track trains, and they cannot light up individually.

As many buttons as an iPhone!

Yeah you read that right, if you buy this product, it comes with 3 whole buttons to control it. That puts us on par with Apple obviously.

Our range of flavours

Our flavours are designed to meet the requirements of specific train otakus.
If there isn't a flavour that suits you, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Singapore MRT 2027

  • 10cm by 7.4cm
  • 6 lines

San Francisco Bay Area

  • 16cm by 9.5cm
  • 6 lines

Tokyo JR

  • 18.6cm by 14.4cm
  • 16 lines

Singapore MRT 2030

  • 22cm by 16cm
  • 8 lines

Future boards

  • I might be open to comissions if I think the map will look cool
  • Size: up to 24cm
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